My name is Victoria Bondarchuk.
I'm UX researcher and designer, based in Madrid, Spain, with interest in open source culture, design systems and collaborative ways of working.
Previously I helped to build UX Team at IDD Group (Seoul, South Korea), did user research and designed mobile apps for LG Mobile.
I appreciate great product design and believe that creativity is an iterative process.

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What I do

1. Research, gather & clarify information
2. Document and illustrate ideas, flows and research outcomes
3. Create prototypes, test & iterate
4. Speak for the user
5. Help developing teams stay focused on user needs
6. Safe development time and efforts

1. I research, gather & clarify information

Many teams face frustration, caused by each person having a different understanding of what the project requirements and design goals should be. As UX designer, it's my job to capture the full range of perspectives on the product through conducting collaborative team workshops with stakeholders and development teams. I manage project rigorously and guarantee the design process remains focused on shared goals.

    5 days design sprint at LG Electronics
    June 2013

2. I document and illustrate ideas, flows and research outcomes

UX documentations tell a project's story, organize ideas, help to find consensus and order the chaos generated by creative process. Every projects requires a different set of documents. Working on a project I try to concentrate only on that documentation that helpful for entire team and gets updated constantly.
Examples: Introduction/brief, Identified users, Content requirements, Approach, Information Architecture, Interactions, Navigation, Concept designs and etc.


3. I create prototypes, test & iterate

No documentation can demonstrate interaction better than a prototype. But it's important knowing how and when to prototype. I choose between physical paper, Principle, Framer, Origami depending on what fidelity I need and can afford at every stage of the project.

    Prototype of simple interaction made with Principal

4. I speak for the user

Whether I talk to developers, project managers, senior VPs, stakeholders, clients, or even other designers, I make sure that user’s needs are represented.


5. I help developing teams stay focused
on user needs

Learning who is your user will lead to nothing if you don't communicate that to the rest of the team. Conveying user research findings so everyone can understand them and know how to act on recommendations is challenging. Being creative and try different solution for different audience is one of the ways to approach it.

    Marketing Persona Example

6. I safe development time and eforts

UX Design saves time and money by minimizing development through research and iteration at an early stage in the process. To avoid big usability mistakes, its never the wrong time to test.

    Lean UX and Agile Development Process

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I'm interested in open source culture and design in FOSS. A member of Open Source Design. For last 4 years OSD community organizes a design track at FOSDEM. Contribute to FOSSASIA by organizing design track for the conference. I used to co-organize one of the biggest tech meet-up in Korea - Seoul Tech Society. Now i'm based in Madrid, Spain.

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